Vehicle Power Hub 3800


Vehicle Power Hub 3800

Compact, robust design with high energy storage - the hub is designed to deploy power; fast and safely, from both inside a vehicle and outside making it flexible for leisure, commercial and industrial applications - Clean and silent power wherever and whenever you want it.

AGM and conventional lead acid batteries limit depth of discharge, heavy and are sensitive to fast charging that quickly reduces life. Our new Power hub allows conventional batteries to be replaced with an all in one system that can deliver as much as 10x the cycle life, fast charging capability, 40% reduction in weight and a smaller profile.

Utilising Lithium battery technology (LiFePO4) the Vehicle Power Hub provides high energy density, higher usable watt hour capacity, fast charging capability and high cycle life - all major advantages especially in a service vehicle where kerb weight and engine run adds to a higher fuel consumption and increased pollution.

The Vehicle Power Hub is a fully integrated solution combining lithium battery, in vehicle DC-DC battery charger, integrated MPPT solar controller, 12VDC and USB outputs in a single portable and movable box. Plug and play input and output anderson connectors make install safe and easy and with supplied cables enable fast connection and removal from the vehicle when required.

A high current anderson output provides simple connection with a 12V-230V power inverter or 12V-230V inverter-charger solution up to 2000W. Utilising a 250A battery management system (BMS) providing a 250A MAX discharge current capability.

A simple LCD control panel provides battery status and voltage and built in multi safety protection from internal battery management system (BMS), 200A battery isolator, internal fusing and circuit breaker ensure safe operation at all times.

The Vehicle Power Hub comes complete with fixing kit for install into the vehicle, 40A AC charger (80A option available at extra cost) for fast charging from grid when available, solar cable and other accessory cables.

We offer the Vehicle Power Hub in three variants of watt hour capacities : 1300Wh, 2500Wh and 3800Wh making them an ideal solution for motor homes, camper vans and commercial vehicle conversions.

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Service engineers
  • Blue light vehicles
  • Motor homes
  • Camper vans


  • Portable, clean and safe Lithium (LiFePO4) battery provides 3800 watt hour of usable capacity - burn less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions when running high loads for long periods
  • Flexible charging options from high Power AC charger 40A, integrated 30A DC-DC charger for connection to alternator (inc EU6) and solar input up to 30A utilising the on board MPPT controller
  • Plug and play anderson connections provide multiple input/ouput configuration enabling fast and easy deployment
  • 250A DC output for direct connection to power inverter (up to 2000W)
  • Strong metal and ABS case with easy to install fixing system
  • LCD control panel provides battery status and voltage
  • Built in multi safety protection from BMS, battery isolator, fusing and circuit breaker
  • 2 x USB output and 2 x 12Vdc 10A sockets for device charging and powering 12V loads directly


Battery Type : Lithium Ion – LiFePO4
Nominal voltage/charge voltage : 12.8V/14.6V
Battery Capacity : 300Ah/3800Wh
Maximum Charging current : 100A
Maximum Discharge current : 250A (2000W maximum power inverter for 30 mins) 150A continuous (1500W inverter approx)
Charging options : AC charger 40A (approx 7 hours)/ in vehicle DC-DC charger 30A (approx 9.5 hours)/ Solar-Max PV input 400W 12V
Ports : 2 x USB (2.1A)/ 2 x 12VDC 10A socket/ 2 x 50A anderson (input/output – 50A total)/ 1 x external inverter anderson connector (175A)
Dimensions : 455 x 240 x 330mm
Weight : 36.3Kg
Operating temperature : -10 deg C to +50 deg C
Warranty : 2 years

Battery Cycle Life : > 2000 cycles

Supplied Accessories :
External 40A battery charger with fused UK plug and terminated with anderson connector
IGN cable (ignition): 3 metres and connector for smart alternator program (EU6 vehicles)
Inverter connection cable : 1 metre 35mm² cable (red/black) terminated with 175A Anderson connector and M8 ring terminals
Starter battery connection cable (for in vehicle charging): 1 metre 7AWG cable (red and black) – Anderson connector to M8 terminals to make in line fuse connection and ground with each power station
Solar cable : 1 metre 6mm2 – MC4 to anderson connector
Strapping kit
Metal feet fixing kit with screws
Spare anderson connector kit