SolarVenti SV14 Solar Ventilation


SolarVenti Air Collector, Ventilation, Dehumidification, Heating

Standard Wall Mounting Kit Included - Roof Mounting Option. 

Price on Request

Rooms: Normally covers at least 80 m²

Maximum performance: 1000 watt
Fan Performance:
60 – 110 m3/hour
197,4 x 70,4 x 5,5 cm
Managing System:

Regulator 1 or On/off Switch

SolarVenti SV14 is the 'Most sold model' jointly with it's smaller brother SV7. Even though SV 14 delivers approx. 60 - 110 m3 air pr. hour with approx. 25-30 degrees C. temperature rise - compared to air temperature outdoors - the model is still so small, that it typically can be mounted both horizontally or vertically.

Solarventi SV14 comes complete with accessories and kit ready for mounting on a wall. Kits for mounting on the roof must be purchased separately.

There are two roof options with the SV14:
1) One with complete Mounting Kits for Roof Tile / Fiber Cement
2) One with complete Mounting Kits for Steel / Roofing felt

The panel filter is maintenance free.

Available in Aluminium standard 3-5 shipping. Non standard White or Black 2 week shipping.

Further information:


Recommended max area of the house in m2 80 m2 ( 95.68 yd2 square yards )
Maximum air flow - m3/h 110 m3 ( 143.87 yd3 cubic yards )
Complete replacement of the air in the room In less than 2 hours
Utilization of solar radiation (Efficiency) 66%
Estimeted avarage energy production kWh/m2 per year * 660 kWh
Estimeted energy production kWh/SV-unit/year * 924 kWh
Rise in temperature compared to outdoor temperature Approx. 30 degrees K (e.g. from 10o C to 40o C)
Dimension (panel) in mm: L. x W. x D., excl. package 1974 x 704 x 55 mm (77.71" x 27.71" x 2.16")
Dimension (panel) in mm: L. x W. x D., incl. package 2170 x 770 x 150 mm (85.43" x 30.31" x 5.9")
Dimension (roof mountingh kit) L. x W. x D., incl. package 790 x 260 x 220 mm (42.52" x 10.24" x 8.66")
Panel size in m2 1,4 m2 ( 1.67 yd2 )
Solar cell - watts / power generation 12 watt
Ventilator - watts / power consumption 3,4 watt
Weight (panel) – kg, excl. package 14 kg. ( 3.86 Lb )
Weight (panel) – kg, incl. package 19 kg. ( 41.89 Lb)
Weight (roof mounting kit) - kg, incl. package 5 kg ( 11.02 Lb )
Maintenance free (number of years) Up to 15 years
Product warranty 5 years
Framework (Material) Aluminum (seawater resistant)
Air outlet on collector – Dimensions in mm 125 mm ( 4.92" )
Cover plate (transparent) Polycarbonate
Indoor inlet valve in the house 125 mm ( 4.92" )
Humidity stopp - to prevent condensation water and back drafts Yes
Tube for wall mounting, screws etc. Yes

(* Values are under Danish weather conditions. - Much higher values in countries closer to the equator.)

Cooling and extraction kit with extra solar cell Yes
Cooling and extraction kit without extra solar cell No
Roof mounting kit, type 1, for tile etc. Yes
Roof mounting kit, type 2 for steel plate roof etc. Yes
Basement mounting kit Yes


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