Solar Vintage 2 Lighting Kit


Solar Vintage Lights

An advanced power system using the latest high efficiency solar panels combined with a lithium battery hub capable of delivering energy at 12v to power lights, a fan, 12v TV, lap top charging etc and 5v for charging all mobile devices.

The Solar Vintage range has been developed specifically to provide soft illumination providing a warming ambiance to any off grid location.

The beauty of the Solar Vintage range is its ease of installation. All parts plug together so there is no fiddly wiring to do – just plug and play!
The unique 12v DC, filament style LED bulb used in the SolarHub Vintage range is supplied in an E14, 80lumen brightness and an E27, 350lumen. Both provide outstanding levels of illumination (comparable with a mains bulb) but in a far warmer tone than conventional LED’s.
Each of the following kits are designed to provide 5hrs of nightly illumination in the UK between spring, all through summer and up until Autumn, however if winter use is needed there is a range of solar panels that can be daisy chained to the solar panel supplied in the below kits that will boost the charge rate enabling 7hrs of light per night to be achieved.
All Solar Vintage kits can be expanded to add more lights, more power, more storage, more cable.

Perfect for larger glamping tents, ecopods, mess tents, small cabins etc.

  • 10w Solar Panel with 3m connection cable
  • Solar Panel Ground Spike
  • 10K SolarHub
  • 5m cable and E27 bulb holder and switch
  • Table lamp with 5m cable and switch
  • 1 x E14, 80lumen Vintage bulb
  • 1 x E27, 350lumen Vintage bulb
  • User Manual