Solar Panel 6kW with 10kWh Lithium Battery


Solar Panel 6kW with 10kWh Lithium Battery Offgrid/Ongrid

Integrated Solar Power with the latest Battery Technology and Grid Energy.

Using a Hybrid Solar System any surplus energy generated from the solar panels during the day will be used to charge the batteries, allowing the use of this energy later in the day when the solar panels are not generating. This allows the utilisation of energy generated from the photovoltaic system rather than drawing from the grid during peak times.

This complete kit contains:

18 x 335W Monocrystalline Solar Panels

6.0kW Hybrid inverter

10kWh lithium storage batteries 

Includes all electrical and mounting kit.

Solar Panel Details:

  • Rating: 335W
  • Width: 1030mm
  • Height: 1,673mm
  • Mono Cell Technology

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