Solar and Wind Combo Kit


Solar and Wind Power kit 1kW Wind Turbine with 600W Solar Panels.


2 x 300W Mono Solar Panels

1 x 1000kW 48V Wind Turbine with 3 Blade and Tail Furlong Mechanism (A suitable pole for mounting is required not included.

1 x Solar Wind Hybrid Charge Controller with Dump Load

1 x 24kWh 48V 500Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery Storage Bank

All Electric and

This high efficiency 300W monocrystalline solar panel is one of the largest solar panels available on the market. It is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity in any grid-tie, hybrid or off-grid application (such as charging batteries in vehicles or boats, or powering an off-grid house or cabin, or working with a grid-tie / hybrid inverter to feed energy into the electrical grid). Due to the size of the area that this solar panel covers it is great for large systems where the time and cost associated with fitting a high wattage array needs to be minimised.

In order to achieve high output this solar panel uses innovative 5 busbar solar cells, which are more efficient than the 2, 3 or 4 busbar solar cells used in other solar panels, and are able to extract more power from the same surface area. This results in a smaller overall solar panel for the same power rating.

Wind Turbine

This powerful 1000W 48V wind turbine provides an efficient and reliable source of electricity for both on-grid and off-grid applications. This turbine is designed for use in a wide range of locations with medium to strong wind speeds. For example, in areas such as open fields, coastal areas, and high ground. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including power generation for remote locations, industrial sites, agriculture, off-grid and hybrid household power systems and for telecommunications purposes.

Key features:

This 1000W 48V wind turbine is expertly designed to provide stable and reliable power. Important characteristics include:

  • Robust design: The casing of this turbine is made of strong cast aluminium alloy to ensure long-lasting use in harsh conditions.
  • 3 blade construction: Optimised design for medium and high wind speeds, making it the perfect turbine for open and coastal areas
  • Tail furling safety mechanism: In abnormally high wind conditions, the turbine will pivot the blades to face away from the wind. This reduces their speed of rotation, preventing any damage to the turbine such as excessive strain to the blades or generator overheating. The blades will be automatically repositioned once a safe wind speed is detected.
  • Aerodynamic optimisation: The blades are optimally shaped for maximum efficiency and protection from strong winds.
  • Automatic wind detection: The tail vane automatically seeks out the best wind direction and re-orients the turbine accordingly.
  • Easy installation: Assembly of the turbine is extremely straightforward and requires minimal effort.

Solar and Wind Hybrid Charge Control Box

This 1kW 48V wind and solar charge controller is designed to charge a 48V battery bank using energy generated from wind turbines and solar panels. This controller is ideal for hybrid power systems comprising of a solar array and wind turbine, as it can accept simultaneous input from solar and wind power. Alternatively, the controller can be used with solar panels only, or with a wind turbine only.

This hybrid charge controller uses PWM technology to optimise charge acceptance from the battery bank and comes with a separate dump load unit to protect the battery and wind turbine.

Key features:

  • Hybrid capability: This charge controller can handle input from both solar panels and wind turbines, eliminating the need for two separate controllers. The controller can also be used as a wind controller or solar controller alone, offering the flexibility to upgrade to a hybrid system at any time. The high input power acceptance ofup to 1000W / 65V for wind power and up to 600W / 100V for solar power makes this controller ideal for systems of all sizes.
  • Full safety protection: This controller features a range of protection functions, including protection against overcharging, over voltage, reverse polarity, load short circuit and lightning. This controller is also equipped with an intelligent automatic braking function - applied to the wind turbine when the battery is full, to protect the battery from overcharging. Automatic braking also helps to prevent damage to the wind turbine when high wind speeds are detected.
  • External dump load: As an additional safety precaution, this hybrid controller also comes with an external dump load for further system protection. The controller will automatically detect when the battery bank is full and divert any excess energy directly to the dump load unit, connected to the dump load terminals of the controller. This prevents damage to system components including the batteries and wind turbine, which is particularly useful for applications with strong wind speeds where the battery is often rapidly charged.
  • User-friendly interface: This controller is equipped with a high quality digital display, a multifunction selector button and bright LED indicators. The display shows important information such as battery voltage, charging current (for the solar array and wind turbine separately), RPM (wind turbine revolutions) per minute, and any system faults. The LEDs also indicate the charging / dump load status of the controller.
  • Low-current charging mode: When the battery is low, the controller will enter a gentle preliminary charging stage using a low charging current to optimise battery performance and health.

Additional features:

This controller also features an On/ Off switch for the dump load, which allows the user todisable battery charging in favour of full power diversion to the dump load (e.g. if the user is away from the system for a long period of time). The controller also features an inbuilt temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation, as well as an RS485 communication port for connection to optional devices, such as a remote display, control panel or GPRS remote monitoring kit (sold separately).

Battery Bank

24kWh 48V 500Ah battery bank system, comprised of 24 x 2V high quality AGM batteries, connecting plates / cables and strong metal racking for convenient arrangement of your battery bank over two levels. This is an ideal solution for applications with large energy storage and power requirements, and includes all the items required for immediate installation and use.

Benefits of 2V battery connection:

This battery bank features 2V batteries, offering important advantages over battery banks made up of 12V batteries. These include:

Significantly improved longevity: These 2V batteries are connected in series, as opposed to 12V battery banks which require a complex combination of series and parallel connections. By connecting exclusively in series, each 2V battery is charged and discharged at an even rate. Thanks to these stable and balanced charging cycles, this battery bank has a considerably longer service life than any bank consisting of 12V batteries.

Deeper discharge capability: The thicker metal plates inside these 2V batteries allow more energy to be drawn from the bank than if it were comprised of 12V batteries.

Suitable applications:

The long service life and improved depth of discharge of this battery bank make it ideal for applications requiring constant, reliable and powerful energy supply. Such applications include, but are not limited to:

- Solar, wind and hybrid energy systems
- Household off-grid and grid tie power systems
- Emergency or back-up UPS systems
- Energy storage for telecommunications or networking equipment
- Power stations

Benefits of AGM batteries:

This battery bank features 24 x AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. In AGM batteries, all electrolyte is absorbed into a special sponge made of glass fibre. Important benefits of AGM batteries include:

- Maintenance free: No need for liquid or electrolyte top up.
- Extremely safe: Non-spillable and completely sealed.
- Long service life: Longer-lasting than standard wet-cell batteries due to less degradation and corrosion inside the battery.
- Low self-discharge rate: AGM batteries are less prone to sulphation and hold charge for longer than flooded batteries.
- Highly resilient: Good resistance to shock and vibration.

Additional components:

These 24 x 2V batteries are supplied with a sturdy metal racking unit, with a dual-level design for convenient installation and optimisation of space.

These batteries are also supplied with thick metal plate connectors and high-quality cable for instant connection of the batteries in series. All connectors have been specifically designed to maximise system efficiency; tailored to the optimum thickness and length for this particular battery bank.

This battery bank is also supplied with a detailed user manual.