Offgrid Solar Kit 80kW PV with 92kWh Battery Storage


This Offgrid 80kW Solar Panel kit with 92kWh of stored energy is the complete offgrid business solution for anyone choosing to get away from mains power, and living the off-grid dream. Perfect for larger energy users where grid power is not available. Ideal for farms and industrial units.

The kit includes:

80kW of the latest Mono Half cut Solar Panels

Three Phase Offgrid Inverter/Chargers with latest technology

92kWh of Lithium Energy Storage Batteries

All electrical and mounting kit for a sheet metal roof.

    This fully off-grid 48V solution combines 80kW of solar PV power and a combined offgrid inverter charger technology for the solar panels to charge and connect with maximum charging efficiency to the 92kWh lithium battery bank.

All electrics and sheet metal roof mounting is included. If your looking for alternative mounting solutions please contact us.

Your own bespoke solar power solution with different solar panels, batteries or any additional items you wish. Feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.