Off Grid Power Containers Price From


Off Grid Power Containers

 20 kWh Daily Consumption / 5 kW PV installed (10’ container)

50 kWh Daily Consumption / 12.5 kW PV installed (10’ container)

80 kWh Daily Consumption / 20 kW PV installed (20’ container)

140 kWh Daily Consumption / 35 kW PV installed (20’ container)

200 kWh Daily Consumption / 50 kW PV installed (20’ container)

 350 kWh biggest system that could fit in 1 container

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Off-Grid Power Container

We offer fully customised, insulated and air conditioned power containers for all industry applications. The containers are fully integrated plug-and-play off-grid systems and with many advantages.

Main benefits:

 Pre-wired, plug-and-play

  • Quick deployment
  • Cost saving on-site construction
  • High quality and durable
  • Complete energy independence
  • 50KW - 1MW storage capacity

The containerised solar generators can be deployed worldwide. We fit all systems in un-modified, standard shipping container (10', 20' and 40' foot) so we can dispatch the units as normal shipping cargo, keeping costs for transportation low. Everything is packed and stored safely for the journey and simply need re-fitting at the final destination.


The internal walls and ceiling of the container are lined with thick insulation to keep the contents cool.

Fire Protection &
Emergency Off Switch

A fire alarm and a fire extinguisher are included as standard, together with an emergency shut down system.

System Monitoring

Using data from both the inverter/charger and our proprietary Off-Grid Controller, data is transmitted via internet, GSM or satellite for remote monitoring as part of the OGE warranty.

External Connection Points

Include power in (from PV, wind, hydro), back up power source (generator, mains grid).


Are chosen based on fit for project, quality, knowledge of how well they interact with other kit, good track record and worldwide warranty. We have a long working relationship with our manufacturers ensures best pricing and integration assistance where needed.

Internal Steel Mounting

This ensures maximum cool air flow around the components and acts as a shock absorber during transportation.


Colour coded, labelled and cut to the exact size for a neat finish and ease of replacement in the event of a breakage.

Air Conditioning

Low energy consumption AC units used to keep the container cool for the health of the components in the off-grid system.

AC / DC Fuse Boxes

Placed between every major component in the container for maximum safety and system protection.


The internal walls and ceiling of the container are lined with thick insulation to keep the contents  cool.