*NEW* Hubi Solar Power Station Premium 750


The Hubi Solar Power Station Premium 750 delivers the power you need for a multi room building. This might be a remote woodland cottage, or a construction site office with multiple users. The supersize solar panel supplied ensures the battery is fully charged in as little as 5 hours. Supplied with all you need to have you up and running in minutes, it is easy to install without the need for a qualified electrician.

This Hubi range of solar power stations are a great option for getting energy to a variety of off grid buildings including garages, workshops, glamping lodges, building site welfare units, stables, agricultural buildings, garden sheds, beach huts and even for use in the home during a power cut.

Typically, the power station delivers:
From the 3 x12v lighting sockets
12v LED lighting (a whole range is available from us in Hubi plus some dedicated Lighting Kits.
From the 2 x USB port
Mobile device charging
From its 3 Pin Mains socket (x1)
Sat boxes
Game stations
Sewing machines
And any device with a power demand less than 300w.

Simple to install, the Solar Power Stations come fully assembled and supplied with a solar panel and ground mount stand.

All have inbuilt technologies to protect the battery from overcharging and discharging, voltage modifiers (5v / 12v DC and 230v AC) and a dashboard fitted with numerous output sockets all individually switched and an internal solar battery. An inbuilt power meter shows available power.

The kit contains all the necessary parts to produce your own power within one hour from new.

Light up your room

Try one of our dedicated lighting packs provide perfect illumination for your off-grid room.

What's in the Solar Power Station Premium 750 box

The main power box is supplied with a 125Ah lead acid solar battery and a 150w solar panel. This means there will be 750wh of power available per 24hr period. The solar panel will charge this battery from flat to full in 5hrs of sunny weather or slightly longer in overcast weather, depending on the time of year. The Premium 750 is the prefect choice for off-grid buildings with multiple rooms.

Hubi Solar Power Station Premium 7500 kit contents with fitted connectors
1 x power station hub fitted with 125Ah bttery
1 x 150w solar panel and 4m cable to link to the hub
1 x solar panel ground rack
1 x instructions and usage tips
Warranty – solar panel 10 years / battery & inverter two years, all other items five years

Which Solar Power Station do I need?

  1. If the Solar Power Station is specifically needed to operate on a daily basis during the winter months call us on 01256 352502 and we will provide details on how this can be achieved.
  2. If you want your Solar Power Station to power a fridge, please select the Premium 500 but note that the fridge will consume ALL of the available power it can provide. So, if you need to power more devices than just the fridge, please select the Premium 750.

Technical Specification

Specifications for Hubi Power Station Premium 750
System voltage 12v DC and 230v AC
Battery AGM solar battery 125Ah
Useable watts at 12v 750wh
Useable watts at 5v 1800wh
Power output sockets

12v auto socket and 3 pin UK/2 pin euro AC socket (on the inverter)

Power input 12v DC connection (for solar panel)
Switch settings On/off
Max current 25A/AC
Overload protection Yes 20Ah charge controller fitted
Max solar input 300w/12v
Expandable Yes. Max 200w/12v solar panel/s can be added
Hub box Powder coated aluminium - indoor use only
Dimensions 390 x 300 x 500mm (narrows to 165mm at the top)
Weight inc solar battery 55Kg
Charge time Full to flat in 5-6 hours*
Solar panel 150w/12AH - (expandable)
Solar panel bracket Adjustable ground/roof bracket
Inverter 300w 12v DC to 230v AC Modified Sine Wave
* Cloudy conditions could double charge times, or longer depending on the time of year


Solar panel 10 years / battery & inverter two years, all other items five years