LED Solar Bollard


LED Solar Bollard PD-021

LED Solar Lights

Our extensive range of solar powered LED lights includes the popular LED Solar bollard as well as many other outdoor lights. Easy to install and incredibily efficient, solar powered lighting offers a perfect solution where mains powered lighting isn’t suitable or too costly to install.

All of our LED Solar Bollards now have built in motion sensors, allowing for even better battery performance. In standby mode, the LED will illuminate at 30% brightness, once movement is detected within a 5 metre radius, the LED will illuminate to 100% for 30 seconds, ensuring the area is lit at the required time.

Solar LED Bollards

Solar powered LED bollard lights are a very popular type of fitting especially for commercial applications. They can be installed in and around car parks, at entrances to commercial buildings, along footpaths, in outdoor shopping centres and such like. They are very easy to install and the LED light output is great in providing low level amenity lighting without causing light pollution. Typical spacing would be around 5m to 10m apart or further depending upon the requirements of the application.

Automatic switching function – Light adjusts on/off based on light levels available

>425 Lumens output

Dimensions: 80cm x 29cm

IP65 Compliant

4.5Ah 6.4V Lithium battery

Grade A Solar Cells

LED Solar Bollard Data Sheet