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X-Trem ESS is an all-in-one system for outdoor installation. It is perfectly adapted to extreme climatic conditions and integrates, in one single cabinet, all the components required for the optimal operation of a solar energy system. With output powers from 3 kW to 60 kW and parallel operation feature, IMEON X-Trem ESS can be used for electrifying small and large isolated sites as well as installations connected to the public electricity distribution network.

  • PV power from 2 kWp to 72 kWp
  • Energy storage from 7.2 kWh to 125 kWh
  • Up to 4 units can be paralleled
  • Full warranty up to 10 years
  • Ultra-simplified installation


The IMEON X-Trem ESS solution is suitable for extreme weather conditions!


X-Trem ESS is an all-in-one solution developed by IMEON ENERGY teams. X-Trem ESS is delivered in a single enclosure to be installed outdoors on a concrete slab and includes all the necessary components for a solar self-consumption system with batteries: power electronics (PCS or “power conversion system”), lithium batteries (lithium iron phosphate), optimal temperature maintenance system and electrical protections. X-Trem ESS drastically reduces the installation time of photovoltaic self-consumption systems.


Unlike other solutions available on the market, IMEON’s X-Trem ESS is a evolutionary solution. X-Trem ESS is managed by a built-in computer running a custom Operating System, called OS. ONE, designed to be continuously updated and improved. The computer’s large memory allows it to download and install new applications which become available via the App Module Manager of IMEON OS. ONE operating system. These applications will be able to evolve the operation of your solar self-consumption system to enable it to adapt to the latest technological developments (electric vehicles, Smart Home, IoT…) and regulatory changes which may occur in the future.

With embedded artificial intelligence, your X-Trem ESS storage system has the ability to analyse data and adjust its behaviour, to continuously improve the overall performance of your solar self-consumption system. By equipping yourself today with an IMEON X-Trem ESS solution, you are investing in the future.


IMEON X-Trem ESS, in addition to its functions related to energy storage and conversion, is part of the family of connected objects.

Having IMEON X-Trem ESS connected to the internet, gives you the possibility to follow, in real time, the performance of your solar self-consumption installation with batteries from your computer, tablet or smartphone via IMEON ENERGY monitoring platform.

X-Trem ESS from IMEON has the ability to communicate with other connected objects too. We regularly develop partnerships with manufacturers of connected objects in order to interact with their solutions. The partners we exchange with work in the field of home automation and smart-home, heating or hot water solutions, electric mobility among others.

If your IMEON X-Trem ESS is connected to the internet during operation, its warranty period automatically increases from 5 to 10 years.


X-Trem ESS from IMEON ENERGY ensures, thanks to its backup function, the power supply of the equipped site in case of a loss of electrical power network supply. The backup function is available as an option for the 60 kW model and included as a standard feature for the 3 to 27 kW models.

In Smart-Grid mode, two battery usage thresholds can be set: the first threshold for when the grid is present and the second, lower threshold for the event of a power outage. This operating mode allows the user to ensure that he will have a reserve of usable energy stored in the battery bank when the public grid is unable to supply power to the building. In Back-Up mode, the battery bank is kept 100% charged at all times by solar electricity and the public grid. In this mode X-Trem ESS allows the batteries to be discharged only when the public grid is unavailable. This mode is particularly suitable for sensitive applications that require a constant supply of electricity.


Peak-shaving is one of the many useful features provided by the X-Trem ESS solution. Mainly dedicated for industrial companies to help them to avoid exceeding their power consumption limits, this application keeps the battery fully charged and triggers discharge only when the power drawn from the network is greater than the power limit allowed by the network operator. The main purpose of this operating principle is to avoid the penalties related to excessive use of network supply.


The X-Trem ESS solution developed by IMEON is the most flexible all-in-one solution for energy conversion and storage on the market: solar self-consumption, backup, electrification of isolated sites, grid-connected installations, peak-shaving… X-Trem ESS provides vide veriety of features to meet the demands of various complex projects. Thanks to wide selection of rated power variants the X-Trem ESS is suitable for multiple types of customers: industrial plants, landlords, private individuals, farm owners among others.