Complete 8 Panel Solar Pump Kit


Solar Powered Submersible Pump Kit

This kit will run in daylight. The pumps are variable speed so the flow rate will depend on the power input of the sun.

Typical performance at solar radiation 800 W/m²

Flow: 2.6 m³/h

Total head: 70.5 m

Solar Panel Array

8 x 270W poly solar panels

  • Width: 991mm
  • Height: 1,650mm

Ground mount kit or roof mounting included.


Solar Powered Submersible Pump

The pump with helical rotor is for high heads and low flows. Features and benefits:

Dry-running protection

High efficiency permanent-magnet motor (PM motor)

Over- and undervoltage protection, Overload protection

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Wide voltage range

Cables and pipes:

Pump cable length: 60 m

Pump cable size: 4 mm²

Total cable loss: 4.2 %

Pipe Length: 150 m

Control Unit

The CU200 is a combined status, control and communication unit especially developed for the SQFlex system. The CU 200 also enables connection of a level switch. The CU 200 incorporates cable entries for:

Power supply connection

Pump connection

Earth connection

Level switch connection

It is possible to start, stop and reset pump with the on/off button. The CU 200 offers

System monitoring?

Alarm indication

Input - summary Water volume (max): 25 m³/day

Month for sizing: July

Static lift above ground: 10 m

Dynamic water level: 50 m

Location: Southern England

Water production summary, Peak flow

Total water production per year: 6780 m³

Avg. water production per day: 18.6 m³/day

Average water production per watt per day: 8.6 l/Wp/day