68Ah Lifos Lithium Battery


68Ah Lifos Lithium Battery

5 Year Warranty

Lightweight and Powerful

LiFOS is a new and advanced lithium phosphate battery set to transform off-grid energy supply thanks to its incredibly long-lasting power in a super lightweight package. Weighing in at just 7.8kg, the 68Ah LiFOS is 77% lighter than a good quality 120Ah lead acid battery.

Maximising flexibility
For optimum flexibility, LiFOS is fitted with removable terminal posts so that the ring terminals can be connected directly to the terminal plates. There is also the option of joining two LiFOS batteries in parallel to create double the (AH) capacity.

Vast temperature range
LiFOS has a huge operating temperature range of -20 to +60 °C. Plus, whilst it gives the best performance when used on its base, it can be used in any orientation, such as on its side. No gas, no special chamber a LiFOS does not emit noxious gases thanks to its lithium iron phosphate chemistry, it does not need to be housed in a specially vented chamber.

Intelligent charging
The integral Bluetooth Battery Management System (BMS) ensures LiFOS can be charged and discharged up to six times more than alternative options. That makes the price per cycle just 25 pence, around half the cost of other comparable lead acid or gel batteries. Also, the Bluetooth BMS guarantees its Depth of Discharge (DOD) does not exceed 90%. This means that LiFOS gives no less than 2750 charge and discharge cycles.
So, if LiFOS is only partially discharged to 50% of its capacity, for example, the number of times it can be charged and discharged jumps to 5000 (+13yrs)!

The Bluetooth BMS also enables LiFOS to:
• Operate heavy loads up to 1000w (e.g. caravan motor movers)
• Protect the battery from deep discharging
• Be charged by any mains charger (not just a special lithium charger)*
• Work using a DC to DC charger with many types of battery
• Connect to the to the smart app

257.5mm long
190mm high
175mm deep