1kW Wind Turbine System


1kW Horizontal Axis Upwind Turbine System

Simple • Dependable • Robust • Efficient

The new AirForceTM 1 model incorporates the Future Energy in-house designed and manufactured permanent magnet generator for efficient and durable production. The wind turbines have a 3phase (AC) output for rectification to DC.

Weighing in at only 19 kilos our turbines are tower-top ready, and will fit on to a standard 50mm steel tube pole. It is not recommended to site ‘building-mounted’ installations other than on steel-framed buildings.

Your turbine system will be supplied in 3 shipping cartons, weighing a total of 26kgs, and you will be required to attach the tailfin and blades to the main turbine housing.

Supplied with AirForceTM Control, a brand-new product designed and manufactured by FuturEnergy. The Control provides unparalleled performance monitoring and automatic system protection for your 3-Phase AC 1kW turbine installation. Included with the Control is a Davis Anemometer, which provides the system with both wind speed and wind direction data.

The Control unit is installed within a covered area close to and in series with the manual stop-switch and directly to the batteries or other loads. When charge parameters are met, or other controlled parameters exceeded, the turbine is automatically stopped and restarted when conditions return within operational limits or further battery charging is required.

Web access to a Web-based portal providing remote control & configuration, along with trending of historical performance data for your turbine.

With more than 6,000 AirForceTM 1 wind turbines now in service world-wide, the highly robust and dependable turbine demonstrates enviable capability in energy generation in an extensive range of applications, such as:

  • Battery charging
  • Water and air heating and cooling
  • Grid-tied/off-grid mains installations
  • Island networks and smart grids
  • Wind & solar hybrid solutions
  • Telecoms ‘hop’ stations
  • Remote sensor array power
  • Power for traffic and event signage

Control features:

  • Provides configurable automatic control of the turbine
  • Prevents damage due to turbine overspeed
  • Improves system safety, reliability and longevity
  • Compatible with 3 phase AC turbine installations and 24V and 48V battery charging installations
  • Touch screen interface – Automatic power-save ‘screen off’ function (180 sec – touch to restore)
  • Ability to monitor performance of the wind turbine: Power (W), Energy (Whrs), Wind speed instant (m/s) plus time averaged value, Wind direction (cardinal and ordinal), Battery voltage (Volts), Current (Amps), Turbine speed (rpm)
  • Remote monitor capability with WiFi and internet connection
  • Configurable automatic stop/start functionality, parameterised on: Maximum battery voltage (turbine stop) with turbine restart voltage, Maximum charge current (turbine stop), Wind speed maximum (turbine stop) and restart value, Turbine restart delay time (seconds)
  • Augments manual stop switch
  • Maintains battery systems at optimum levels to prolong life
  • Negates the need for dump loads

All instructions are supplied to guide you through the simple assembly.

All turbines are designed & manufactured in the United Kingdom within a continuous product improvement policy. The AirForceTM 1 turbine is supplied in kit form and tower-top ready for simple installation on a standard 48.5mm scaffolding tube pole.

Technical Specification:

  • Nominal power output: 24V & 48V: 1000W
  • Start-up wind speed: 3.5m/s
  • Rated wind speed: 12.5m/s
  • Survival wind speed: 52m/s
  • Total tower-top weight: 19kg
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Rotor diameter: 1.8m
  • Rotor speed (RPM): 200 to 800
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Generator type: 3-Phase AC
  • Turbine mounting: 50mm tube to accept 48.5mm standard scaffold tube
  • Noise: LAeq 35dB @ 5m/s wind speed measured behind rotor

LAeq 54dB @ 7m/s wind speed measured behind rotor

Key Supply & design Features:

  • High quality Permanent Magnet Generator
  • 12 months’ warranty (extended warranty available upon registration)
  • AirForceTM Control Monitoring and Automatic Stop System
  • Remote-mounted manual stop-switch supplied as standard
  • Suitable for wind/solar hybrid installations
  • Full installation kits available
  • Tough glass reinforced nylon turbine blades
  • All bearings sealed for life
  • 20 year installed design life
  • 60 Amp rated slip-ring to prevent cable twist
  • Rugged, simple and robust design
  • Corrosion resistant materials employed throughout
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) compliant

1kW Turbine Tower Kit:

The tower kit is strong and designed for ease of assembly. By using special ground anchors no concrete or foundations are required and this allows for the tower to be relocated if required. The tower is raised and lowered using a gin-pole of standard scaffolding tube dimensions.

The kit comprises of all components, (excluding the standard galvanized scaffolding tube*), required to raise your 1kW wind turbine, (not supplied with the tower kit), to a maximum height of 8 meters. The kit includes ground anchors to meet the required loading capacity calculated from EN-61400 and designed to withstand 50-year maximum wind speeds and when installed in most ground conditions.

The kit includes tube and gin-pole couplings, galvanized wire rope assemblies with tensioners, brackets and full instructions for assembly.

*Galvanized scaffolding tube (48.5mm O/D x 5mm Wall) is available from builders merchants. 2 X 3m and 1 X 2m lengths are required for the maximum 8m height.