150 Watt 12V Solar Offgrid Power Station


150 Watt Solar Offgrid Power Station

The Solar Power Station is an ideal way to achieve energy self sufficiency. Supplied with a high power solar panel, battery, charge controller and inverter the power station can power most appliances found in the home, office and workplace – such as TV’s, stereo’s, games consoles, lap top’s, fax, power tools etc. Easy to install without the need for a qualified electrician the power station can be packed away and re-located anytime.

This kit is the starting point for achieving power self sufficiency in a home, business, holiday cottage or anywhere that may be subject to power cuts, or where the cost of installing mains cable is prohibitively high and to provide long term insulation from future energy price increases.

The kit contains all the necessary parts to produce your own power within one hour from new.

The solar panel must be located outside and is supplied with a robust aluminium stand that allows firm location either on the ground or on a flat roof (the multi position stand ensures the panel is always positioned at the optimum angle – summer and winter). The supplied cable then runs from the solar panel and connects directly into the waterproof battery box, which contains a high performance 85Ah sealed deep cycle solar battery and a charge controller. The battery output cable then needs to enter the building and is then connected to the supplied power inverter. The inverter has a UK 3-pin socket where a multi gang extension cable (not supplied) can be attached to run multiple electrical appliances simultaneously.

Additionally, a 12v “power out” plug and socket is fitting in the battery box so that 12v appliances can be run directly.

The SPS150 kit delivers up to 750 watt hours per day and can be used in many areas such as horticultural applications, camp sites, large gardens etc. It can typically power appliances such as general lighting, garden lighting, pond pumps, greenhouse heaters, charging 12v garden machinery (mowers, hedge trimmers, strimmers etc) etc for between 2 – 4 hours per day. If longer run times or additional appliances require power a bigger SPS kit should be considered or the addition of an SPS expansion kit.


1 x STP150 – 150w solar panel size 1475 x 670 x 35mm

1 x Solar Panel adjustable ground / roof bracket and fixings

1 x 125Ah AGM Battery

1 x 300Watt Inverter and connection cables / fuses

1 x Waterproof Battery Box

1 x 20Ah Charge Controller pre-wired in battery box

1 x User manual

Warranty – solar panel 10 years / battery & inverter two years, all other items five years.

System voltage 12v DC and 230v AC
Battery AGM solar battery 125Ah
Useable watts at 12v 750wh
Useable watts at 5v 1800wh
Power output sockets

12v auto socket and 3 pin UK/2 pin euro AC socket (on the inverter)

Power input 12v DC connection (for solar panel)
Switch settings On/off
Max current 25A/AC
Overload protection Yes 20Ah charge controller fitted
Max solar input 300w/12v
Expandable Yes. Max 150w/12v solar panel/s can be added
Hub box Rugged construction, can be used in damp environments but should not be positioned outdoors - see BB0001 for more details
Dimensions 340 x 300 x 460mm
Weight inc solar battery 55Kg
Charge time Full to flat in 5-6 hours*
Solar panel 150w/12AH - (expandable) see STP150 for more information
Solar panel bracket Adjustable ground/roof bracket - see FKA09 for more information
Inverter 300w 12v DC to 230v AC Modified Sine Wave - see INV300 for more information