about us

Our Mission

We are especially sensitive to popularizing the use of nature-friendly and efficient solar products by increasing awareness of green energy-oriented technologies in the solar energy product group through e-commerce. For this reason, we use methods that will encourage the use of solar energy resources in the long term and enable our customers to easily obtain solar energy equipment to benefit from the sun.

our vision

We share the ideal of popularizing and intensively using green energy-friendly products in the near future. With our entire corporate structure, company philosophy and human resources strategy, we show a high level of sensitivity to ensure that sustainable energy methods and nature-friendly product options are understood on a social basis.

Our Principles & Values

Building Garden As we stated in our "mission" and "vision" headings, we have structured our greatest sensitivity in business processes on sustainable environmental awareness and awareness of alternative energy sources. We list the principles and values ​​we adopt as the strategic and moral core of our company as follows:

•Customer Focus: Within the scope of our customer focus principle, we focus on customer satisfaction in all business processes. In this regard, we provide all the services our customers may need - including customer support and after-sales support processes.

•Quality Approach: As Yapı Bahçe, one of the most important principles we adopt within the scope of supply, sales and after-sales support activities is the quality approach. Within the scope of our quality approach service, we focus on sustainable quality understanding both in general categories such as hardware products and in the building materials and Solar Energy Systems group.

•Affordability: Our principle of affordability; The most important basis of our philosophy is to sell the products in the building materials and hardware group that we supply and wholesale and retail at fair prices. In this regard, we adopt more flexible price policies in all sales processes, so we are happy to offer comfortable price options to our customers.

•Sustainable Energy Awareness: The concept of sustainability, which is also a part of what we do professionally, refers to the use of energy resources with more nature-friendly approaches. In the light of this information, as Yapı Bahçe, we maintain our commitment to the principle of sustainability in all our business processes and energy policy.

•Environmental Awareness: Our environmental awareness principle allows us to follow more honest policies regarding the geography we live in and the use of natural resources. We pay high attention to details such as the absence of environmentally harmful components in the products we sell online, therefore we take care to evaluate the possible consequences of the steps we take in an environmental context.

•Transparent Human Resources Policy: As a business, we follow a more transparent structure in human resources processes. We focus on honestly ensuring equal opportunity among our employees.

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